We finally found the Motor Home we love. It’s a 38′ 2013 Fleetwood Bounder Classic 34M.

We first saw this “coach” as they are called sometime in June 2016. I’m not sure I like that term, “coach”, it seems a little pompous. However, that’s what the RV community calls them so I’ll go along with it for the sake of simplicity.

Anyway, we first saw this coach back in June right before we were going to Hawaii for out 20th Anniversary. We looked at a lot of different coaches, sweated a lot and drove around a lot to find the one we wanted.

We really liked this one but we decided not to make any decisions until we got back from Hawaii.

Sure enough, when we go back, it was still there. So, we started looking again but eventually came back around to this Fleetwood Bounder Classic. It seemed like a really great deal, more on that later. It only had a little over 14k miles on it and was super clean when we got it. It looked really great inside and out.

After securing a loan and doing some negotiating on the price, we are the proud owners of a 38′ Fleetwood Bounder Classic 34M motor home.