Our first trip was close to home. This was done on purpose and I recommend everyone do the same when you’re first starting out with a a new RV. It’s called the “Shakedown” trip….

So soon after we brought Roo home, we went on our first trip to Cedar Breaks Park in Georgetown, Tx. This is a park that we are familiar with, it’s close to home and easy to get in and out of.

It was an August day so the temperature was in the high 90’s and as usual the humidity was high. After sweating like crazy to get everything set up we settled in. Roo never really seemed to cool off until the evening and into the night. If I recall correctly, it got down into the low 70’s inside the coach, which was a welcome relief from the hot day.

The next day was more of the same. We basically used the day time to lounge around outside, get used to all the bells and whistles and to really get used to the ins and outs of Roo. We met a nice couple next to us who had just bought a new fifth wheel but had a motor home in the past. I can’t recall their names but they were very nice and helpful with giving us some tips and advice on some of the things we didn’t know such as making sure the seals around the slides come out when they open so as not to let out any more cool air than necessary. They also were the first people who told us that the thing to remember is that you will never get these travel trailers, fifth wheels, and motor homes any more than 20 degrees cooler inside than it is outside. ie, if it’s 98 outside, you’ll be lucky to get the temperature to anything better than 78 inside, not that comfortable ┬áin my opinion.

Cedar Breaks Park is located in Georgetown, Tx. It is an Army Corps of Engineers site. They offer 30 and 50 amp sites, and water. No cable or sewer hookups are available, however, they do have a dump station. Having visited this park many times I feel confident in letting you know which spots to choose depending on your preference which I will outline below. Here is a map of the park layout.

Waterfront – 17-36 Not much shade

Water View – 15, 20, 22, 24, 26, 28, 30 – Some shade

More shade and a little more secluded – all other sites



Thanks for reading, see ya next time!